About Us

Access Energy, Inc. (AE) is a multi-dimensional company dedicated to the implementation of clean, renewable energy solutions around the world. We have a network of domestic and international partners trained and experienced in renewable energy project development. Access Energy can provide complete cost-effective energy solutions; from preliminary site exploration, productivity assessments, and project design, to manufacture, installation, maintenance, and support -- including training, of the project's infrastructure.

Our mission is to exceed environmental and quality standards of the industry while providing low-cost, renewable energy solutions for the world's industrial and emerging markets. We strive to reduce the world's dependence on harmful fossil fuels while contributing towards improving the environmental and social health of the planet, which is in line with United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

Access Energy, Inc. was formed in 2003 as a subsidiary of Access Group International, which provides financing for renewable energy projects. Today, Access Energy is involved in numerous energy projects around the world and continues to remain at the forefront of the renewable energy industry providing equipment, services, and financing throughout the development process of the project. Our operational offices are located in the United States and abroad.

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