Access Energy has inaugurated the Celebrity Wind Farm Goodwill Turbine Project to develop wind farms with wind turbines that sponsor charities specifically designated by their donor/investors.

The Celebrity Wind Farm Goodwill Turbine Project focuses on the development of wind farms affecting our world globally not only on an ecological level but also, on a very humanitarian level. Investors (Donors) registered with the project make a donation toward the cost of installing a wind turbine, whether it be a single or cumulative donation with other donor investors, and instantaneously become "Celebrities" of sorts in that their donation becomes a testament to their commitment to the preservation of the environment and, additionally, sponsoring their charities of choice.

The project tangibly cements these eco-investments by contributing to the funding of individual turbines and their installations crucial to the development of wind farms. Then these investments generate instant gratification by influencing how a percentage of the renewable energy income produced by those donated turbines is spent. This income goes onto create these great "windfalls for charities"- sustainable income from sustainable energy produced all over the world. These eco-investments go the extra mile and give back to the world two-fold not only in helping to create wind farms that produce renewable alternative sources of energy but also, in sustaining charities globally as designated by the donor investors.

Simply put, the Celebrity Wind Farm Goodwill Turbine Project realizes AE`s vision to continue building wind farms and continue with its ecological mission by making its investors active rather than passive contributors.

By building wind farms one turbine at a time, Access Energy will not only impact our ecosystem, but along with its investors, will impact the lives of the hungry, homeless, uneducated, and even oppressed all over the world.

If we follow the wind, we can realize our dreams.