Here at Access Energy, our in-house expertise and network of specialized consultants are qualified to handle all stages of development, from conception and design, to construction and maintenance of the project. We are able to provide a complete beginning-to-end solution for the development of clean, renewable energy projects anywhere in the world. We provide:

  • Consulting
  • Efficiency & Production Studies
  • Project Development
  • Project Financing

Among the services offered for energy projects are the following:

  • Approval of Project Concept & Initial Design
  • Wind measurements
  • Electrical routing & Grid connectivity
  • Geological & subsoil investigation
  • Modifications to design, plan-drawings and specifications, as required
  • Detailed Engineering & Licensing Requirements
  • Legal requirements and restrictions regarding the licensing process
  • Environmental guidelines and restrictions observance
  • Construction Planning & Contract Negotiations
  • Negotiation of contracts, including liability and quality standards
  • Construction machinery availability
  • Time schedule for workers and project timeline
  • Conceptual-design compliance
  • Weekly and monthly progress reports
  • Commissioning and operation: test runs and inspection
  • Project Financing
  • In-house and private funding
  • Funds from debt and/or equity financing
  • Business consulting and support team for Initial Public Offering on local or international stock exchanges