Access Energy teams up with Family Affair to host a fundraising event to reinforce Access Energy's commitment to renewable causes.

December 13, 2008

Access Energy was honored to host a Family Affair fundraiser December 13, 2008 to "Rise Above the Plastics" and join the family of causes that re-enforce Access Energy's commitment to change and to counter Global Warming worldwide.

Family Affair asked Access Energy to hold a "Party for a Purpose" to raise awareness about the harmful effects of plastic on our environment. The campaign is dedicated to eliminating single-use plastic water bottles in the advertising and commercial industries.

Access Energy thanks Family Affair and all its honored guests, representatives and sponsors for the wonderful evening. Events such as these allow us to harness our ecological passions and to be an active participant in the "winds of change" for us today and for the children of tomorrow.

Even though Access Energy focuses its resources on renewable energy through wind and solar, all ecological causes are important to us because global warming affects everyone and every living thing on this beautiful planet. The event emphasized the need to first make it our responsibility to be informed, then come together to speak out, and ultimately, put in the time to give of ourselves to causes that address not only the mind but also the heart.

Access Energy is striving to bring sustainable electricity to remote areas of the world thereby providing a way for countries to overcome poverty and promote education. As we use renewables to achieve harmony with our planet, we renew the quality of people's lives in a most profound way.

Access Energy has been inspired by Family Affair as we all continue our eco journey and promote change together as a family one event at a time.